Our vision and mission:

RIM2I is the product of 28 years of gathered experience designing, implementing, and managing novel “Flagship Projects” for the Israeli Navy.

These years of experience and expertise are now being made available to RIM2I customers seeking customized, innovative solutions.

RIM2I has developed a corporate philosophy which is customer-centric and cutting edge. To this end, we are committed to working with each individual customer to identify the optimal solutions for platform development.

Our extensive experience in this field gives us the ability to design state of the art operational systems and innovative platforms. Our approach emphasizes the importance of applying existing technologies for future requirements.

Past projects have included design and construction of the submarines and naval vessels of the future
  • These projects included early application of pioneering technologies which are still in use today.
  • Moreover, these technologies served as the building blocks for future technological advances to a number of Naval systems/platforms.

We have led numerous teams of experts in related fields, and have extensive experience with cooperative agreements throughout multiple high-tech industries in Israel and abroad.