About Us

RIM2I: Company Overview

Consultation services for high level military and corporate leadership in diverse matters including:
  • Platform selection and customization.
  • Systems procurement & acquisition.
  • Application of new technologies/combat systems.
  • Command & control systems.

Crystallization of technological / operational characteristics.

Representation of firms in Israel and abroad, including new technology and niche applications.

Security acquisition and contract brokerage.

Sale representatives for marine applications including:
  • Customized dock solutions.
  • Maritime assets (speed boats, yachts, custom crafts).

Aviation solutions: rotorcraft asset application and solutions.

Capabilities in the civilian sphere:
  • Sale of floating docks, speed-boats and yachts: Our company has very strong connections with US companies which deal with marinas and naval construction. In this area, we offer our customers products tailor-made to their specifications, at a reasonable and attractive price.

  • Helicopter services: Our company has business connections with "Lahak Te'ufah", which deals with air-borne evacuation in Israel. In addition, we offer helicopter transport of VIPs, transport of employees to strategic installations, experimental services to security firms, and "flying" tourism.